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Available at all times

A twist on Vietnamese street food served as a tapas style menu. Small plates that can be shared or individual servings.


Jungle 8 Specialty Dishes

Pork & crab BUN CHA image

Pork & crab BUN CHA

Grilled pork & crab BUN CHA spring roll - serves 1


Fried squid NUOC CHAM image

Fried squid NUOC CHAM

Fried squid NUOC CHAM & mixed herbs


Popping prawns image

Popping prawns

Popping prawns w/ curry leaf and yuzu aioli


Wagyu PHO image

Wagyu PHO

Wagyu PHO, reduced broth & spring onion


Pork cheek BANH MI image

Pork cheek BANH MI

Pork cheek BANH MI - serves 1


Wagyu beef BANH MI image

Wagyu beef BANH MI

Wagyu beef BANH MI - serves 1


Eggplant BANH MI image

Eggplant BANH MI

Smoked eggplant BANH MI - serves 1


Pork & prawn BAN XEO image

Pork & prawn BAN XEO

Pork & prawn BAN XEO w/ sriracha mayo


Wagyu beef BAN XEO image

Wagyu beef BAN XEO

Wagyu beef BAN XEO w/ sweet oyster sauce


Pork belly XOI MAN image

Pork belly XOI MAN

Caramelized pork belly, XOI MAN - sticky rice, quail eggs & Vietnamese sausage


Crispy eggplant image

Crispy eggplant

Crispy eggplant, spicy vinegar dressing



Large sharing plates for the whole table



A giant bowl of PHO w/ banana prawns, wagyu beef, beef rib and spring onion


Sashimi platter image

Sashimi platter

Chef's cold selection platter w/ salmon, scallops, tuna, kingfish and a Thai basil puree



Asian BBQ

★ Mr Hao's chilli chicken wings image

★ Mr Hao's chilli chicken wings

A classic from Mr Hao - chilli chicken wings


Thai chicken skewers image

Thai chicken skewers

Grilled Thai chicken skewers, peanut satay sauce


Lamb rump skewers image

Lamb rump skewers

Lamb rump, galangal, shrimp paste & chilli


Spiced pork belly skewers image

Spiced pork belly skewers

Spiced pork belly, peanut satay sauce



Vietnamese Appetizers & Salads

Kingfish Sashimi image

Kingfish Sashimi

Kingfish, Thai basil, namjim & turmeric


Salmon Sashimi image

Salmon Sashimi

Salmon, hot & sour sauce, crispy shallot


Scallops image


Scallop, smoked avocado puree, micro greens


Beef Papaya Salad image

Beef Papaya Salad

Beef papaya salad, pineapple chilli jam


Prawn salad image

Prawn salad

Prawn salad, young coconut & mint


Tofu salad image

Tofu salad

Tofu salad, eggplant, herbs & almond



Finger Lickin' Sweetness

Pandan coconut tapioca image

Pandan coconut tapioca

Pandan coconut tapioca, peanut candy & lychee


Crème Brûlée, choose from 3 flavours: image

Crème Brûlée, choose from 3 flavours:

• Matcha
• Vanilla
• Mango & fresh fruit salad


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